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Ingress Update 1.30.2 (+apk)

Автор: D.S.Denton от 1-07-2013, 00:00, просмотров: 716

0 Version 1.30.2
  • New Inventory sorting controls
  • New Portal Hack animations and results view
  • New Fire mode
  • Improved Health display on Portal Keys
  • New player welcome messages
  • Better support for high density displays
  • Portal Key count shown in Linking view
  • Bug fixes

Agents are now able to sort keys by Location or Title and the Portal health bar is now broken up to show individual resonators and their power level.
Ingress Update 1.30.2 (+apk)

You can now stack XMP’s even easier. Fire one and then it lets you choose to fire multiple while being able to see the battlefield.
Ingress Update 1.30.2 (+apk)

Items now pop out of the top of portals when hacking. After the items are hacked, they turn back into XM and are absorbed into your scanners inventory.
Ingress Update 1.30.2 (+apk) Ingress Update 1.30.2 (+apk)

The new hack screen shows your items without obscuring your view.
Ingress Update 1.30.2 (+apk)

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