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Ingress Update 1.26.0 (+apk)

Автор: D.S.Denton от 21-05-2013, 00:00, просмотров: 364

0 Version 1.26
  • Portal health and faction control info on Portal Keys in the Inventory carousel.
  • Android Notifications for “Portal under attack,” “Portal neutralized,” and “@” messages.
  • Support for Jarvis Virus and ADA Refactor objects.
  • New Recharge visual animation.
  • Bug fixes

The inventory layout for Portal Keys has been updated so now you can see what faction controls the portal and the health of the portal without opening the key. The quick overview is certainly a welcome update.
Ingress Update 1.26.0 (+apk)

Notification options have been updated to add support for Android Notifications. These will be pushed to the device when a portal is under attack or has been neutralized. The ability to send notifications when someone mentions you in the COMM is available as well.
Ingress Update 1.26.0 (+apk)

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