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Ingress Update 1.22.0 (+apk)

Автор: D.S.Denton от 26-03-2013, 00:00, просмотров: 300

0 Version 1.22.0
  • Bug fixes (including better GPS location fix).
  • Performance improvements.
  • @ mention support in COMM.

    So we have few bug fixes, performance improvments and mentioning players in comm… But that is not all, did you saw this option in setting:
    Ingress Update 1.22.0 (+apk)

    So we have new check box: Yes. Send me promotions, offers, news, and/or updates from Niantic Labs.
    Wonder why they didn’t mention this part of the update… But I will give them kudos because this is unchecked by default, so it’s your choice to activate this or not. But I’m way to curious to leave it unchecked! What about you?

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