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Ingress Update 1.12.5 (+apk)

Автор: D.S.Denton от 22-12-2012, 00:00, просмотров: 491

0 Version 1.12.5
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Inventory size is now capped.
  • UI fixes.
  • Performance improvements.

And this is huge update, most because capped inventory size. This will force some players to use their items or to drop them so someone from their fraction can pick them up. Mike McMahon posted the screenshot on G+ with message warning with the exact limit:
Ingress Update 1.12.5 (+apk)

The limit is 2000 items, and you can thank Dr. Lynton-Wolfe for it:
Lynton-Wolfe: Alternatively we could limit the the number of XM objects that can be accumulated, to avoid the formation of localized anomalies. We could tell agents to voluntarily purge their inventories.

You can also thank ZC that your inventory is not purged down to 2k items:
Lynton-Wolfe: I could alter scanner behavior or purge excess inventories of XM objects. That might help.
Calvin: Keep that as an option, but not yet.

So you are asking yourself how would someone have that much items. And yeah there is a way, rumor has it that some players have more than 5000 items. And they acquired it by using multi hack cheat so they would have a far more items than other regular players. Question is did Niantic labs left multi hack option on purpose…

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