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Преступление и наказание

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Last Friday was a day of two sudden impromptu Ingress actions for me.

First I had to find people, who could help to save Moscow coverage plan(operation 37/100 G+ SitRep). Had to do that quickly 2:00 to 3:00 pm. Many thanks to @Akallabeth +Mila Nikitina, at the end did almost all the organizational and dispatch work.

Closer to the end of the working day, which was mostly occupied with Ingress than actually work, I decided to travel somewhere once again. One of the cities in my travel list was Kazan. Conversation in local chat after seeing RES agents cleaning up cross links for blue coverage:

@DentonDS: What's up? Need help?
@NeboVnutri: 1-2 quorums* needed!
@Storm50: 3!
@Storm50: No, 5!
@NeboVnutri: 5 ENL quorums
@NeboVnutri: and a helicopter!
* quorum — term in Russian communities, means 8 agents 8+ lvl each (the amount needed for building L8-farm)

Ok, picking up my #pocketbluequorum*, and checking in at Belorussky train station.
* #pocketbluequorum — local forced meme in Moscow community (usually used in events as answer "Yes + 8 guests" with comment "Can I bring a pocket RES-quorum?")
Преступление и наказание

On my way, in the areas with cell network coverage, checking how do my Moscow covering mates do. I was curious if the mega field will pass 7:00 checkpoint or some RES hard player will take it down. Moscow field did pass, and Kazan Resistance team covered the city with blue blanket a bit later than 7:00 am. I should notice their persistence, one group was working hard to destroy the cross links. And here's the result:
Преступление и наказание

I saw the "nice" blue sky in my scanner upon arrival at 10:00 am:
Преступление и наказание

Wrote that's not a way to welcome dear guests! Why is the sky blue?
Asked for help of Moscow sky operators, got planning help from agents @Flowery and @LimeElf.

First plan came to our mind and was discarded immediately, as it required taking down blue field, key farm, delivery to Kazan and travel to other two peaks:
Преступление и наказание

Risk of cross links was too high, we decided not to take it.

Met local agents @NeboVnutri and @Suninsideme, на ходу...
Преступление и наказание

...communicated to newly created OPS chat the number of keys. And @Flowery proposes a new plan:
Преступление и наказание

Getting to @Suninsideme's kitchen, petting the cat, having a bite, planning with a laptop on the lap. Time is 3:30 pm.
Преступление и наказание Преступление и наказание

Key exchange, calling agents, the plan is ready! Wondering if we have a chance to get in the checkpoint or doesn't matter. Artem took a ticket to Sarapul, arrival at 2;00 am. Checkpoint is at 3 am, then 8 am, 1 pm, 6 pm. Taking into consideration my departure at 7:45 pm, non of the checkpoints fits. So decided to link whenever.

It's getting late, 6:30 pm, meeting others at the pub.
Преступление и наказание

Had a drink, had a chat, sent-off Artem to the train station and decided to take-off to Yalchiki at 10:00 am.

March 1st, morning. At 10 am packing, going to pick up @NeboVnutri. We left Kazan at 10:18. 'The crime and the punishment' by M. Dostoevsky was found in the car, and that gave the name to our operation. Blue crime and Green punishment.
Преступление и наказание

On the way plan changed, @Flowery changed Sarapul to Mozhga, cause green field was not taken down by RES. that meant Artem's team needs to go there:
Преступление и наказание Преступление и наказание

Sarapul/Mozhga: @iamdevice, @Murrain, @Suninsideme, @Tezey, @DrSmaugg
Yalchiki: @mixxxa, @bezobraz1e, @NeboVnutri, @DentonDS
cross links: @DEMONRaveN, @sanail, @Storm50

So now finally we're at the position at M. Yaltchiki. Our targets are portals Bus station and Chuvash gods. Still several minutes left till cross links removal.
Преступление и наказание Преступление и наказание Преступление и наказание Преступление и наказание Преступление и наказание

All ready! Destroy, deploy, link! Scanner view:
Преступление и наказание
Преступление и наказание

Nearby there is a portal Helicopter :)
Преступление и наказание Преступление и наказание

Screenshot of the field is already posted in the chat, and group selfie of Mozhga team is also there:
Преступление и наказание Преступление и наказание

In the meantime, the crossing Sarapul plan field was taken down and our "Flowery sky" @Flowery proposes an additional fielding - our team can link more from here and from B.Yalchiki, and @Suninsideme returns to Sarapul from Mozhga. Okay, go!

Преступление и наказание

In conjunction with parallel operations area began to look very spring-like!
Преступление и наказание
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