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Operation "Звездец в центре Москвы"

Автор: LimeElf от 31-03-2013, 00:00, посмотрело: 1205

0 There are no large fields or enormous MU score. Just a simple star at the center of Moscow.

We could use some activation codes to recruit more agents and draw symbol of the Enlightened. ;)

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Ingress Update 1.22.0 (+apk)

Автор: D.S.Denton от 26-03-2013, 00:00, посмотрело: 394

0 Version 1.22.0
  • Bug fixes (including better GPS location fix).
  • Performance improvements.
  • @ mention support in COMM.

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Ingress Update 1.21.3

Автор: D.S.Denton от 14-03-2013, 00:00, посмотрело: 480

0 Version 1.21.3
  • Portal Discovery – players can take photos of cool new Portal locations and submit them via the Ingress app to be reviewed and added to the game.
  • Portal Editing – players can submit a new photo for an existing Portal, and/or submit suggested improvements to the Portal name, description, or location data.
  • Embedded Video Player for story media.
  • Improved player GPS location acquisition – more stable, less jumpy.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Категория: Сканер